My Week With Marilyn

My Week With Marilyn: on his very first feature film a rookie third assistant director ends up spending a remarkable week with the world’s biggest star, Marilyn Monroe. There’s an interesting story parabola: it starts and finishes on an uplifting soft-comedy notes but has a major tone dip in the middle as it delves in to Marilyn’s off-screen life. For someone who doesn’t know much about her, it was a bit of an eye-opener – sheeeeeet, I didn’t even know she married Arthur Miller, let alone the rest. Branagh is a blast as a bombastic Laurence and Williams shines as Mrs Monroe; however the lead (Redmayne) is a bit flat and ‘Forrest Gumpy’ – and seems a strange choice given the other, high profile, names involved. The period setting is fantastic, every detail is there. Overall, this is a whimsical, dreamy, slightly hammy, rose-tinted and soft-focused TV biopic; but between Branagh, Williams and the time-setting it’s entertaining and interesting enough to hold your attention.

Score: 6/10


  1. I thought that Branagh was fantastic, and I loved Williams in it. I just wish the money wasn’t so – “coming of age”. I hate that shit.


  2. Originally I did really want to see this but it passed me by. I’d still like to see it because of the buzz that Williams has been getting, and if her fantastic performance in Blue Valentine is anything to go by I’m not really surprised. She seems very in demand at the moment but she’s choosing her roles well, in my opinion.


  3. Colin said:

    I’m afraid I wasn’t moved. I’m not a Redmayne fan at all, and I’ve always had reservations about actors impersonating. Still, Judi Dench was fun to watch as always.


  4. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Colin – same here, couldn’t get in to it at all. Definitely a biopic to avoid.

    Claire – Worth catching if you’re a fan of Williams, but other than Brannagh there isn’t a whole lot else to see it for – unless you’re a big Marilyn fan.

    Frank – it was more the soft-focues lovey dovey haze that got to me. The guy Redmayne seemed far too old for the part.


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