Ross Noble: Things

Ross Noble: Things: Newcastle’s finest comedian’s latest DVD offering. In case you didn’t know, he is genuinely a one-of-a-kind comic; I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the world linking up an ’emergency Hawaiian kit’ + Pineapple intolerance + strokes + Steven Tyler – and make it so seamless, natural and hilarious. He can also handle, and conjure up anything that the audience and hecklers throw at him. Having seen several live shows/tours, it’s safe to say that no two gigs would ever be the same – which is good and bad because his last DVD was a bit of a miss for me. As usual, the commentary and other DVD extras make this even more of a bargain. If there was any doubt, Noble reasserts himself as the master of random rambling, infinite tangents, ADD and visual-based comedy… and if that sounds up your street, then this DVD is for you!

Feature: 7.5/10


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