Ross Noble: Nobleism

Ross Noble – Nobleism: Fifth live DVD release from legendary British stand-up comedian Ross Noble, it was also broadcast live to every Vue Cinema in the UK – except our local one where the feed broke! Although he’s the undisputed king of improvisation this show goes too far in that direction. The first 80 or so minutes are spent speaking to the audience, dealing with hecklers and sifting through the random items people leave at the foot of the stage – a tradition at his gigs. Wit can only go so far as he’s continually ploughed off-track by the distractions leaving little room for the actual show. The encore was funnier than the main event, but like all his DVDs there’s a myriad of special features split over two discs to keep you entertained. As a hardcore fan this one’s the only show I won’t be watching over and over. Disappointing by his own standards.

Score: 4/10


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