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Stitches: six years after being bullied to death at a party full of brats, Stitches the clown returns for some blood-splattering revenge. As a low-budget british comedy horror, Stitches looks way slicker than it should, and the physical old-skool horror FX are great as impressive as they are fun – very Carpenter, what with all the exploding/bursting limbs, impalement and generally gruesome and comedic deaths. The film’s other main weapon is the streak of black humour throughout; it definitely passes the Kermode 6-laugh test with ease, although it feels like there’s room for a lot much more gags. Ross Noble is the only really notable cast member (Other than Monster Munch Mary!) as the can’t-be-assed clown with a bucket full of so-bad-they’re-good puns and quips, and a taste of the ridiculous. The story’s pretty crap, bu that’s to be expected in this territory. Stitches is a passably funny slasher-at-a-party horror romp that makes up for its shortcomings by laying out some of the goriest, bloodiest and ridiculously entertaining death sequences.

Score: 5/10


Ross Noble: Things: Newcastle’s finest comedian’s latest DVD offering. In case you didn’t know, he is genuinely a one-of-a-kind comic; I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the world linking up an ’emergency Hawaiian kit’ + Pineapple intolerance + strokes + Steven Tyler – and make it so seamless, natural and hilarious. He can also handle, and conjure up anything that the audience and hecklers throw at him. Having seen several live shows/tours, it’s safe to say that no two gigs would ever be the same – which is good and bad because his last DVD was a bit of a miss for me. As usual, the commentary and other DVD extras make this even more of a bargain. If there was any doubt, Noble reasserts himself as the master of random rambling, infinite tangents, ADD and visual-based comedy… and if that sounds up your street, then this DVD is for you!

Feature: 7.5/10

Ross Noble – Nobleism: Fifth live DVD release from legendary British stand-up comedian Ross Noble, it was also broadcast live to every Vue Cinema in the UK – except our local one where the feed broke! Although he’s the undisputed king of improvisation this show goes too far in that direction. The first 80 or so minutes are spent speaking to the audience, dealing with hecklers and sifting through the random items people leave at the foot of the stage – a tradition at his gigs. Wit can only go so far as he’s continually ploughed off-track by the distractions leaving little room for the actual show. The encore was funnier than the main event, but like all his DVDs there’s a myriad of special features split over two discs to keep you entertained. As a hardcore fan this one’s the only show I won’t be watching over and over. Disappointing by his own standards.

Score: 4/10