Due Date

Due Date: After both being put on the no fly list two polar opposites have to share a car across America to make it back in time for the arrival of a baby. The first half is like a gag machine gun, then they swap some of the joke time for more serious character development and curveball story points ’til the end. Being in 99% of the scenes both actors needed to be bang on the money, and they were. Downy Jr’s reprises several of his semi-likable borderline mad man roles, and Galifianakis has impeccable comedic timing, nailing a fleshed out version of Alan from the Hangover. While it’s funny the trailer reveals a lot of the good stuff, definitely reducing the impact of at least 1/2 the jokes – in saying that, there’s much more packed away in the film. The humour cover all bases too: slapstick, black, stoner, witty and gross-out – never thought I’d see a dog do that. A bit like Art Race there’s a ton of great shots of America from being on the road. While it’s not quite as good as the hangover, it’s the same mish-mash of comedy, fraternity, and crazy random events that will make it a similar hit. The final product is gag after gag threaded together with a believable and melodramatic relationship that works quite well – and in the end, it’s Just an all-round funny and watchable film.

Score: 7/10

    • Nice creative spamming, but I’ll let you off as it’s relevant!

      I’ve not seen PTA but it keeps coming up again and again in the reviews, and after a quick IMDB, it sounds like the exact same film.


    • Castor said:

      Yes! It was really similar and just a bland rehash of it I thought :( It was funny here and there but the mood and tone wasn’t right at times, which made for some really flat moments.


  1. Marc said:

    Finally someone who liked the movie:) Actually the fact that you hadn’t seen PTA probably helped you see this unbiased. This does try too hard to go for “heartfelt story” but the humor was in full force and didn’t disappoint.

    Still I enjoyed the back and forth and thought Zack and Jr meshed well and their chemistry kept the movie going even in the dull moments.


    • Yea, I didn’t think it was terrible at all. (especially having recently seen Skyline, Wall St, and We are What we Are!!) I think the long trailer really ruined it, giving away all of the PC jokes – which it didn’t need to to.

      Still, decent film and the two mains nailed it.


  2. Novroz said:

    You give different review compare to others. I want to see it but still waiting for it. People are torn on this movie, some really hate it, some like it


    • It’s light-hearted and fun, can’t really go wrong with it. I just think peoples’ expectations were too high after the Hangover and with the trailer revealing a LOT.

      Definitely worth seeing.


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