The Ghost

The Ghost (Writer): A Ghostwriter replaces his predecessor who died under mysterious circumstances, as he researches and re-writes the memoirs of Britain’s ex-Prime Minister all is not what it seems on the surface. It’s a pretty generic conspiracy story, and just when it’s starting to drag everything happens in the last ten minutes, which feels a bit rushed: the ending’s quite disappointing / obvious but the final scene more than makes up for it. It’s very contemporary, political, and unashamedly based around Tony Blair; portraying him in the worst possible light! For a political movie the script’s quite warm and funny in parts, and other than some dodgy accents the cast are pretty solid – Cattrall’s just a more educated version Samantha, Olivia Williams is all over the place but you can’t go wrong with the Broz or Ewan McGregor. The main star for me though was Polanski, whose direction is outstanding (especially given he was under house arrest!). He lets this thriller tell itself, with no fancy trickery and just plain old-fashioned brilliant directing. Definitely worth a watch if you like this type of movie.

Score 7/10

Note: As mentioned on Have I Got News For You: the film’s been given a 15 certificate in the UK, Polanski swears it’s 18!

  1. I loved Olivia Williams in this, actually.
    He wasn’t under house arrest when he directed it.
    Ewan McGregor just can’t seem to grasp foreign accents, can he?


    • Yea, I thought Olivia was alright but her character was all over the place: enraged, professional, calm, a wreck… made her job a lot harder and less believable than the rest.

      Turns out he was only under house arrest for the entire post-production part, I thought it was during filming.

      I thought McGregor’s LAN-DAN-TAN accent was priceless, but Cattrall’s one was the biggest crime against accents in recent times!!!


      • Jim said:

        You know whats funny is that Cattrall actually is from the UK!


  2. Novroz said:

    I love Mc Gregor’s accent….I keep my ears to everything he said.

    Btw, I’m planning to write my review on this movie in 1 paragraph :) I’m taking your challenge for my 2nd Random hollywood


  3. I thought Olivia Williams was excellent. Other than that I agree with just about everything you say.


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