Redbelt: (Blu Ray) Follows a badass martial artist – that goes around unintentionally making everyone else look rubbish – and his nagging wife as they end up in the world’s biggest cluster fuck. For the record, this one’s all story and no action, with what has to be the worst main ‘non-fight’ ever. There’s almost no fisticuffs throughout and what little action you do see is comprised of 1-2 second shots that doesn’t really flow like MMA should. This is made more annoying because the soundtrack really gets you pumped up for a big rumble several times. Fighting gripes aside the story’s a tour de force in every sense of the word, although it gets a bit unlikely towards the end. It’s masterfully told / directed and superbly acted; Ejiofor and Mortimer in particular standout despite all the distracting big-name athletes, actors and personalities that pop up throughout. The BD picture’s sharp, but there’s nothing eye-popping on show, the sound however is immense, crisp and feels very natural – a pretty impressive disc.  The judges score; marketing this as a ‘fighting’ film (Sony Fight Factory Label) is like branding The Blind Side an American Football movie, Borat an Educational one or Crank ‘good’… you do feel totally cheated; but what was on show is great.

Score: 5/10

  1. I thought Redbelt was a pretty good film.

    I agree that they are wrong to market it as a fighting film… The actual fight scenes are a little bit disappointing (The final scene in the corridor out to the ring? I know its BJJ but to the average viewer it just looks like two men cuddling).

    As you said though the storyline saves the day and makes up for the lack of fighting. 5 out of 10 seems like a fair rating for this movie.


  2. haha, i hated Crank too
    and im sure id hate Crank 2 too


  3. Darren said:

    I just loved the idea of a David Mamet fighting film – the dialogue comes as sharp as the blows! Yep, solidly disappointing – it’s a perfectly okay melodrama, even if it’s entirely predictable it’s perfectly acted, but it’s called “Red Belt” and it was on Sky Movies Action.


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