10 Movie Facts about Me

So Kai and Novroz recently posted a couple of memes and tagged me in them. Here are my ten movie-related facts, and a sneak peek inside the life and times of your author. Please don’t use any of this information against me going forward.

  • I only started this site to document all the films I watch; at my peak I was averaging around 2-3 per day and trying to remember which movies are which (let alone good or bad) is usually a nightmare. Everything else I get out of this site – like readers and comments – is a bonus!
  • The earliest films I have memories of seeing are Papillon, Predator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Mary Poppins – odd one out?
  • First time I went to the cinema without my parents was to see Spice World (it was my little sister’s birthday, honest!)
  • The films I’ve seen most times would probably be BASEketball, The Lion King and the start of Commando (after a lot of nights out)
  • I tried every weekend for 2 months to convince the staff at my local that I was old enough to legally watch The Matrix, I failed every weekend and had to wait for the VHS.
  • I only have three film posters in my house: Infernal Affairs, Goodfellas and Burn After Reading – none of them are up at the moment though :(
  • Studied Politics, International Relations and Film at university: the Film courses turned my fondness for movies into a voracious hobby and I genuinely couldn’t have guessed it would become the most useful, or relevant, to my future self at the time.
  • The pile of films I’ve yet to watch is probably bigger than most people’s DVD collection, definitely have an amazon wishlist addiction. I’m simultaneously proud and ashamed of that pile.
  • You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to chop a page full of notes into a concise paragraph! Sometimes I think it’d be easier and faster writing normal reviews. (Note: it’d be good to see people take the ‘Paragraph Film Review Challenge’)
  • Currently writing a screenplay for my first short film, plan to shoot, direct and edit it too but we’ll see how that works out with no experience… The story’s somewhere between (500) Days of Summer and Idle Hands at the moment.

No meme would be complete without the ability to spread. From my daily blog fodder I choose…

Michael Bay is The Antichrist – top reviews and movie news

Critic Planet – the internet’s biggest critic

Fandango Groovers – Big hittin’ movie review site

Suture Me In – Startup site with a bunch of reviews and mini awards

Tartan Films – Another startup, one dedicated dude watching every release by (Palisades) Tartan

  1. Mary Poppins and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – I’d love to see those two combined.

    Looking forward to watching your short film – Good luck!


    • Fitz said:

      FOX just bought the rights to that thought.


  2. Novroz said:

    Great list…it really show who the writer is :)

    I didn’t know you have to be old enough to watch The Matrix…If you come to my country, you can watch The Matrix at any age.

    Looking foward for your short movie, where will you show it once it’s done?


  3. Darren said:

    The Lion King is a classic. As is Commando. Once it gets past “Remember I said I would kill you last?” it does go downhill, though.


  4. yeah, always wonder how tough it is to get those points into one para, uh, Para
    good job


    • As stated above, I reckon everyone should try giving the ‘Paragraph Film Review Challenge’ a bash. It’s pretty tough.

      And a 1,000 word paragraph won’t count! :P


      • Novroz said:

        I forgot to ask you that! what’s PFR challenge?


        • It’s nothing official. Just thought it would be fun to see other reviewers try to squeeze a movie review into a paragraph and let me know how they get on. As mentioned, it’s WAY harder and more time-consuming than you’d think.


  5. Idle Hands and (500) Days… I gotta see that!
    Love that you have an Infernal Affairs… not enough people have seen that. It used to be real hard to find. Saw it long before The Departed which is a good remake but the original is just SOOOO good!!!


    • Our local independent cinema had a charity poster sale where they took about 10 years of the original posters that their staff didn’t steal and offered them up for £1 each. I spent about 2 hours in there but most of the good ones were gone.

      And yea, Infernal Affairs is the absolute bomb. Was really anxious about the Departed but it turned out pretty alright!



  6. PS… if you ever need anything for your fim… actors, tech, someone to throw ideas off of… let me know, brotha!


  7. Olive said:

    Hey, no worries, I watched Spiceworld when I was in my twenties and had no excuse whatsoever!


  8. Critic Planet said:

    I always enjoy lists like this. It’s nice to get a peak behind the curtain once in a while. By the way, thanks for the nod. I’ll work on my list today, I’ll let you know when It’s posted.


  9. Critic Planet said:

    My list is now up.


  10. Heather said:

    I remember my Dad letting me watch Predator when my mom wasn’t around and my Mom watching Mary Poppins with me when my dad wasn’t around.

    My to-see list is embarrassing that it’s so long. :)


  11. Novroz said:

    Ow, that’s the challenge…I have done it before. Actually, so many time…I like reviewing more than 1 movie in one post, sometimes I wrote it too short and I have to elaborate it a little so that it wont look so short anymore.

    I once written only 1 sentence for every dorama I’ve seen (Dorama: Japanese TV series) http://bokunosekai.wordpress.com/2006/11/05/short-dorama-review/


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