homefront movie film Jason Statham, James Franco , Winona Ryder , Kate Bosworth, Chuck Zito , Frank Grillo, Rachelle Lefevre, Clancy Brown, Christa Campbell, Stuart Greer, Omar Benson Miller

Homefront: when an undercover narc is re-located his past eventually comes back to bite him, and his daughter. I was really looking forward to this: Statham playing Statham in an action film, James Franco as the baddie, and Wynona Rider… things were looking up; then I saw this phrase in the credits “written and produced by Stallone” and my heart just sank. We know Statham’s a badass (he’s Jason Statham), we know Franco is the baddie, we know the cop is bent, we know the revenge story… don’t spend over an hour backgrounding these basic characters, and genre plot. And don’t sell it as a non-stop action-fest when it’s only really the finale that’s action-heavy. And don’t cast a young girl with an old-lady’s face! (She was like ‘Chloe from Vine’). And don’t be so loose with your accent, Statham. While this isn’t a completely terrible film it just feels like nobody’s really trying: not the writers, not the director, not even the actors… everyone involved is better than this. Distressingly average.

Score: 4/10

  1. Good review. It should have been more goofy and over-the-top if it really wanted to work well. Instead, it was just too serious and occasionally fun to watch.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      YUP! Should have been way more knowing and ridiculous – but Sly is like a one-trick pony!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      It’s scary – and really REALLY offputting. She looks like a terrified / miserable pensioner – yet is only 8 yrs old or thereabouts.


  2. I agree. It could have been good but they just missed the mark. A very paint by number action flick.


  3. Lili said:

    I watched this on Blu and it was horrible. Not only is it a cliché movie, but to watch it in this format was pure pain for the eyes. The colors were much too bright and saturated, kind of like a teenager’s badly edited picture. Migraine warning!


  4. Nostra said:

    I must be one of the few people who actually quite enjoyed. My standards for action movies are really low though ;)


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      I didn’t think it was too bad, just Stath (my hero) being auto-pilot Stath.


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