War: (Blu Ray) A gritty cop is out to avenge his partner’s death at the hand of the cockiest and most conspicuous hitman on the planet. Initially, this one doesn’t bat too high; with flashbacks referencing the start of the film after 20 minutes!! It’s also totally textbook, from the archetypal spy/metal music & story-progressing montage through to the constant ‘satellite’ shots and swooping cuts of cars driving over bridges. However, the last 30 minutes or so make this film more than worth persevering with – and in general the film was slicker and smarter than the uninspired synopsis and general image gives it credit for. There’s a lot of decent and original action/choreogrphy threading through the film – the best being an awesome footchase, and a jaw-dropping steakhouse punch up. You know what to expect from Statham and Li, and neither disappoint. The uncompressed audio mix bursts out of every speaker for the full duration creating one of the best soundscapes I’ve heard to date – every word, footstep, punch, gunshot and shatter is crystal clear and mixed in perfectly with the film’s fully orchestrated score  – it’s truly an aural delight that should be a must-have for anyone with a home theater system, indisputable demo material. The picture’s generally good, but has a few bum scenes. Overall, if you like your cop-revenge-action films this is definitely one of the better ones out there – and while it’s not outstanding, there’s a lot of good touches that elevate it above expectations.

Score: 7/10

  1. Darren said:

    Not a big fan. In fact, I’d go so far as to ask, “what is it good for?” Absolutely nothing.

    Nah, it’s not that bad, but it never really stood out in anyway. It’s no Crank.


  2. HUH! What the hell’s it good for? Absolutely nothing! haha
    Yeah, kind of a let down considering the Statham/ Li thing was very exciting at the time. And the twist was re-donk-olous!
    DAMN… just looked up and saw that Darren beat me to the War song thing… so just read mine in Jackie Chan voice! haha


  3. You guys crack me up!

    Didn’t think that was THAT bad, but that the last 30 minutes definitely helped it out.

    Don’t get me started on Crank, that’s definitely the WORST film I’ve ever seen.


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