Infernal Affairs III

Infernal Affairs III: part sequel to number 2, and part semi-prequel to the original movie. The layout of the story in this film is ridiculous: it leaps all over the entire ‘Infernal Affairs’ timeline like a demented flea – so much so that it’s a chore trying to keep track of what’s before, after and between the previous two movies. It also doesn’t help matters that 6 characters have been thrown back on the screen after being killed in the first two movies! It even feels like it’s been directed by someone else, which it hadn’t, but tells us that even the director couldn’t be arsed. The signature moments of flare and tension are replaced with lots of forced, over-egged dramatic moments that rely on swooshy sound effects and slow-mo camera movements to create drama out of nothing. It really feels like IA3 only exists because the first two movies were so successful; it’s clearly retrospectively written, rushed, ill-conceived and a tad cynical. it’s a bit of a crushingly disappointing way of capping off a brilliant first and decent second film.

Score: 2.510

  1. It’s really too bad the final entry in this series is such a letdown. I loved the first two a lot. I suppose it’s expected that they were going to do a third (after the others’ success), and with nowhere to go with the story, it would inevitably suck.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      I hate it when such a cool film and idea can go from near-perfect, to this in the space of 3 films!


  2. Been meaning to watch 2 and 3 for ages, might have to scratch 3 and just get my hands on the second one.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Definitely avoid this, unless you feel that you want to know some convoluted backstory for no real reason.


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