Father’s Day

Father’s Day: a string of dads are being raped and killed by “The Fuchman”, so a priest travels the globe to track down the one-eyed anti-hero that can save the day. There’s dismemberment, gore, cannibalism & masturbation in the first few frames, so be under no illusions… this is exploitation smut at it’s most rotten! For the first 20 minutes, it’s not entirely obvious whether this is trying to be a serious b-movie or a comedy spoof; but as the gags start piling on it becomes clear. The film marries tongue in cheek genre humour with outlandish and graphic shocks; epitomised in a dick-biting scene which leaves little to the imagination. For a Troma-funded b-movie, it does well to capture the guerilla / ‘cult’ / independent / cheap vibe, synonymous with the brand – and for a low-budget movie, the budget is impressively stretched to infinity. It’s well-shot, but smothered in post-production Machete-esque grain and distortion which comes and goes for no particular reason. Towards the end it becomes totally absurd, the likes of which I can only really compare to some of the CKY skits from the first 4 videos, still it remains funny and entertaining. Father’s Day is a post-Machete, sub-Hobo, spoof / homage of the direct-to-video slashers of the 70s/80s, with a ton of blood and titties to keep modern audiences satisfied. While it lacks a coherent narrative, there’s a thousand ideas thrown at it, which is more than enough to save the movie, and leaves B-movie aficionados plenty like and admire.

Score: 6.5/10

  1. Shaft said:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out on bubbawheat.com; much appreciated.

    Also, I haven’t forgotten about the guest review, but due to other engagements I just can’t seem to find the time to watch the film I’ve chosen. Should do it next week, though.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      No problem about the shout out, and don’t rush with the guest posts – any time is good for me.


  2. Will said:

    I was hoping for a higher score from you, but I’m still really excited to see this one. I have the Blu-ray on order if they ever stop pushing it back and release the damn thing!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      I reckon on a “B-movie scale” like yours it’d be punching in a score of about 8/10, guess you’re still waiting on the BD!


      • Will said:

        Naw, I saw it a few months back and actually gave it a similar score. I just couldn’t get into it. The key thing is that I didn’t really laugh at any of the jokes, so it became something of a chore to sit through it. The gore looks excellent, and I admire the ambition and the ability to stretch the budget, but I was fairly disappointed with it as a movie. I do plan on re-watching it some day, and I might like it better knowing what I’m getting into this time.



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