Lockout: a wrongly convicted man is made to enter a maximum security prison, mid-riot, in space, and rescue the president’s daughter, thus winning a pardon. No, it doesn’t feature Snake Plissken, but bulked up Guy Pearce‘s supercop ‘Snow’ gives the character a good run for his money; he entertains and kicks ass in equal measures, and despite clearly having fun, he’s well above and beyond what is required in an action film this silly. It’s not just Pearce, as the two main baddies in Vincent Regain and Joseph Gilgun (despite the terrible Scottish accents) are a proper Dastardly and Muttley duo, both watchable yet nasty. Other than being set in space this has every other cliché in the action/cop genre; It’s physics-defying dumbness is laughable; it’s needlessly bookended by a boring & unnecessary briefcase / conspiracy side-story; and some really good action scenes are let down by a couple of ultra-cheap, poorly handled bouts of big, fast, loud, fuzzy CGI that are nothing but disorienting. Despite these snags, EuropaCorp delivers another film that punches way above its weight for a $20M sci-fi action picture. While it’s pretty much Escape from New York in space, Lockout is every bit as action-packed and blockbusterly satisfying as it looks, with a surprisingly entertaining cast, decent director, and a few good laughs along the way. I liked it, and oddly enough, so did my lady.

Score: 7/10

  1. Jaina said:

    Sounds like a bit of brainless fun. Count me in.


  2. Shaft said:

    Haven’t seen this either. The trailer got me hooked, but it isn’t playing in my town, so… I’ll probably wait for the DVD. Like Jaina said, brainless fun. I’m all for it.


    • I reckon it’ll be worth the wait – a month later and Pearce’s Snow character still sticks out at being a brilliant front-man for the project.


  3. Tony Mcfadyen said:


    While I can’t disagree too much with your opinion of the film, I do have to disagree on your opinion of the Scottish accents in the film. As a Scot who has lived his whole life in Scotland, I do find the accents in this film to be very accurate, especially the skinny guy, his glasweigian accent is excellent! In fact, I was surprised to find out that he isn’t Scottish.

    So there….


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Thanks for passing by! I’m also from Scotland (Aberdeen) and thought the accents were way over-the-top, although guess I don’t hear too much of the weggie vocalisms on my daily business.


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