Rubber [Blu Ray]: For reasons unknown, a discarded tyre comes to life, and starts a murderous rampage using its psychokinetic – head exploding – powers. There’s an awesome short movie in here, but in order to ‘beef it up’ into a film, several (ridiculous) elements are thrown in that don’t really do it for me. A film that’s punctuated with meta sequences and references should have a better reason for doing so than simply adding to the runtime; the entire observer side-story just broke up and detracted from the fantastic personification of a demented tyre. The SFX and direction are impressive – the tyre’s personality is built up piece by piece as he shakes, moves, inquires, turns, breathes, rolls, crushes and showers all on its own. Moreover, the film has an art exhibit / music video style and feel throughout, with fresh visuals and great cinematography featuring the Californian desert. The BD picture is among the best I can remember watching, every texture is rendered crisp and sharp; audio is generally flat, but bouncing when the music kicks in. I liked Rubber, but really wanted to love it – ultimately, it should have either been a 20 minute intense short, or full-on 80 minute character study of the tyre.

Score: 7/10

  1. StuOhQ said:

    Glad to find another enthusiast who enjoyed “Rubber.” I have to agree, also, that a 20-40 minute featurette may have been more appropriate for the material.


  2. I thought the trailer for this looked excellent, but like you said, something that should be a short. Still, it sounds pretty good so I’ll have to check it out at some point.


  3. Ventilation Shaft said:

    “…or full-on 80 minute character study of the tyre.”

    I liked “Rubber”, I really did. It was just so weird, probably one of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some odd stuff. Even though I liked it, I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone, other than on the basis of being so weird it has to be seen.


    • Ventilation Shaft said:

      “…or full-on 80 minute character study of the tyre.”

      Oh, and why I quoted this lien is because I wanted to say that it got me cracking up! Never thought I’d see the words “character study” and “tire” be used in the same sentence, haha!


  4. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    @Stu – agreed, although I think if they tried hard enough they could have got a fantastic 80 minute piece, solely on the tyre.

    @Will – definitely worth checking out. Overall, it’s probably average, but the parts with the Tyre are great to watch.

    @VS – Yea, it’s defnitely weird, and the overall tone isn’t very ‘Filmy’ or ‘Movie’ like. Hard to describe, but I thought it was more of an art piece. And yes, someone, somewhere should start doing character studies of inanimate objects!


  5. 7? very generous. as you say Para theres a good short in here (the trailer in itself is genius) but all the wanky bullcrap that goes around the tyre killing people, which is fun, is just distracting.


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