New feature: Walkouts

Because of my awesome unlimited cinema card with Cineworld, infinite online streaming with Love Film and more generally having a massive DVD/BD collection I’m getting to the point where I’ll be damned to sit through an entire film that I’m not enjoying and waste another 60 / 90 / 120 minutes of my life. As the years go on the tolerance level seems to be decreasing rapidly, so much so that it’s now worthy of it’s own feature and category.

For these films I’ll tell you how long I lasted, why the film wasn’t doing it for me, and what the alternative plans were – plans that were much better than watching the film – at least at the time…

  1. Will said:

    Sounds like a great idea for a new feature. I can’t wait to see what films get this treatment. I recommend trying out Dreamaniac, it’s awful.


  2. Doc said:

    With Netflix streaming I seem to be watching a lot more junk just because it’s there. Your new feature sounds perfect! Thanks.


  3. Doc – that’s exactly my point. I have about 1,500 decent DVD/BDs in my house, but will watch just about any old crap on LoveFilm (UK’s Netflix). Definitely reached the point where I’m not going to sit through a shit film for the sake of it.

    Will – Dreamaniac’s going straight to my wishlist/rentlist.


  4. Marc said:

    This is really cool. Usually I’m of the mindset that we should stay the full time to make sure our opinions are justified…but this is just brilliant. Love the concept and few times you’ve used it already:) Kudos!


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