The Secret In Their Eyes

The Secret in their Eyes: A retired policeman turned struggling author digs through an unsolved murder case. This starts epically slow, with the first hour culminating in a pedestrian ‘whodunnit’… The most annoying aspect is that for a murder case, it’s full of the worst clichés like unknown people in pictures and a reliance on memories and unturned stones (poor police work first time round!!) There’s some technically stunning shots, like the aerial/football ground take, but this is karma’d out with the worst SFX team in history and the awful rubbery skin used to convey ageing. A handful of quirks and jokes lighten it up a bit and push the film along – letter A missing, telephone answering gag, door being open/closed etc. While it’s technically sound and reasonably well acted – this is way, way off of the greatness mark – with the final product being two long, slow, boring and non-captivating hours. Poignant, but pointless.

Score: 3/10

  1. Colin said:

    Respectfully, I disagree. This was not only my favourite film of 2010, but probably the best I’ve seen this millennium.


  2. Castor said:

    It drags on a bit too long for me but I thought this was a very good film, taut and suspenseful. I’m surprised by this review.


  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    I can see why people would like this, and it’s apparent that the poignancy made it total oscar bait but in my eye, when you hold this up to a film like Dragon Tattoo (a very similar film in story and themes) and there’s absolutely no contest…

    The slow pace and epic crime-genericism killed it for me…


  4. It was a gripping love, detective, and revenge story, twistedly, maniacally, rolled into one. It was a thriller but I was moved as if it was a drama. I wish you liked it a lot more than 3/10.


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