Looking For Eric

Looking for Eric: ‘realistic’ – aka depressing – tale of a postman and his family as they struggle through a rough patch. Once again the depiction of us ‘regular’ Britons involves a concoction of drugs, booze, cigarettes and guns topped up with a thousand swear words. From a dramatic point of view the film has it’s fair share, but everything else was lacking. The characters were hard to relate to and the mix of swearing & shouting was headache-inducing. It showed how not to handle problems and wasn’t exactly an advert for adoption. Nobody even mentions the possibility that the main guy could be 100% mental. Eric Cantona and his clips on the pitch were the only enjoyable things about the film, and it’s pretty tragic when an ex-footballer out-acts the cast of a feature-length. The relatively happy ending raises the score slightly, but it’s too little too late. Clever marketing is the only thing has made this a commercial success. Fails to hit the back of the net.

Score: 3/10


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