Role Models

Role Models: good old-fashioned comedy about a couple of guys forced to do community service. I call it old-fashioned because it doesn’t rely on gross-outs or shock scenes, instead it just picks things like live action role play, energy drinks & relationships and shows us funny sides of them. The casting’s epically safe but works: Sean William Scott is still playing Stiffler, Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd, Mintz-Plasse is a nerdier Version of Fogel and so forth. Jane Lynch’s non-sensical (no B.S.) councilor is fun to watch and no doubt sealed her role in Glee. Not much else to report back on this; it’s good & simple film, well told, with some underpinning messages about fatherhood, decent gags and no fancy trickery. The KISS ending is sweet, and although the final scenes are a bit cheesy, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Score: 7/10

  1. “Doesn’t rely on gross-outs or shock scenes” – Finally! There are so many of that genre at the moment, that they no longer shock at all.
    I haven’t seen it yet, but am hoping Mintz-Plasse’s comic delivery will be of his usual high standard.
    Judging by “I’m really good friends with the school nurse. She’s a divorcee”, it will be!


  2. mcarteratthemovies said:

    Any time Jane Lynch has a supporting role, I’m in — no questions asked. She was my favorite character in “Role Models,” spouting off some of the movie’s funniest lines and orchestrating my favorite scene (how not to hug a “little”).

    Normally I kind of hate Seann William Scott, but Paul Rudd tempers his crazy energy a little, so it works.


  3. Jane Lynch basically did it for me on this one. I had some problems with a few things, but overall a solid comedy and one of my favorite Paul Rudd roles. I empathize with the Starbucks Venti all too much.


  4. Róisín – It’s so refreshing, barring one scene with bright green pee it’s safe and doesn’t try too hard to shock. Fans of Mintz-Passe should definitely check this out, sure he plays another geek but he’s quite funny and every time he says “whispering eye” you’ll crack up!

    M/Heather – What’s with all the Lynch love!?!?!? Are you two secret Gloosers or something? :P


  5. I thought this movie was absolutely hysterical – I still crack up all the time in rewatches.


  6. I saw this with friends and I seem to be the only one that wasn’t impressed with it. Some parts were funny (or mildly amusing–a chuckle or two) but the role playing scenes were so… BORING. I became antsy and I wanted to go to the restroom, get more Slurpees–something, anything to escape the redundancy/misery. I do love Paul Rudd… but that’s it.


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