James Bond January: Update

Quick follow-up from my last post about James Bond January – more details here. It’s still not too late to sign up; from today there’s over seven weeks – or 54 days – until the Quantum of Solace posts get published. That’s a Bond flick every 2 1/2 days, so still totally achievable if you wanted to do every film!

Content wise, the posts don’t have to be limited to reviews, they can be memories, features, lists, observations, pictures, critiques or even anti-Bond posts! Anything that will generate discussion on the franchise is cool by me.

A final clarification – you can do one film, all twenty-two films, or any number in between. Just be sure that they match the schedule in this post and are all tagged “James Bond January” so everyone can follow this.

Here’s a list of the current participants, I’ll keep this as up to date as I can.

Aiden (Cut The Crap Movie Reviews)
Darren M (The M0vie Blog)
Marc (Go See Talk)
Heather (Movie Mobsters)
Caz (Lets Go To The Movies)
Andrew (Andrew at the Cinema)
Andy – (Fandango Groovers)
Clara (Via-51)
Mikey (The Reviewer)
Nicola (Average Film Reviews)
Andrew (Row Three)
Clarabela (Just Chick Flicks)
Sledge (Battle Royale with Cheese)
Erik (Film Jabber)
Klaus (Ming)
Jason (The Athletic Nerd)
Sarah (She Likes to Watch)
Joem (Does Writing Excuse Watching?)
Stu – (Undy a Hundy)
The Peoples Movies Blog
Susannah -(Not Really Working)
Java – (Java’s Journey)
Steve – (Watching the Detectives)

If you fancy spreading the word by re-blogging / linking / e-mailing / tweeting some info on your blogs – or to individuals that may be interested in this – it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Paragraph Film Reviews.

  1. Stu said:

    As to your question, yes, I will still be contributing and I have added a banner for the event on my sidebar. I’ll also send something out to my Facebook community when the time comes. I’m definitely ready for some serious Bond in the new year.


  2. Darren said:

    Count me in. I won’t (can’t) do every film, but I’ll do the majority of Connery, a passing glance at Moore, and all of Dalton, Brosnan and Craig.


    • Ha ha ha, is that because Moore is the least credible, campest and pantomime Bond and most of his films are absolute corn?


      • Darren said:

        Actually, it’s because I own only one Moore film. Guess which one. Hint: It’s the one you least suspect. :)


  3. Clara said:

    Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by! Of course I’m still in and I’ll write a post about this blogathon soon :)


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