James Bond January

Calling all film reviewers!!

Given that the Bond films are THE most successful, and one of the few universally-loved franchises in the history of cinema I thought it would only be fitting to to give the world’s greatest spy his own awesome feature.

The idea’s simple; everyone that wants to take part watches all – or any – of the Bond movies and posts up their reviews to the schedule (below) throughout the January, tagging them all “James Bond January” so we can all keep up with the event.


Best case scenario: over the course of January the 22 clustered film reviews bring this project worldwide notoriety, re-emphasises why Bond is so great, the next movie is finally green-lighted and we all get a million blog hits!!!!Awesome!!!

Worst case scenario: a massive group of avid Bond fans all get to watch and discuss the villains, gadgets, cars and babes of every James Bond film – from Dr No through to Quantum of Solace!!StillAwesome!!

If you’re interested in participation, please comment or send an e-mail to the address below and I’ll put your name/blog link on list I’ll publish nearer the time. If you think you know anyone that would be interested, please, please, please forward this message to them. And feel free to re-post, hot-link, podcast or tweet this post.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do one, two or every single film; the more people that muck in, the better!


Paragraph Film Reviews

James Bond January – Schedule

3rd Jan – Dr No
4th Jan – From Russia With Love
5th Jan – Goldfinger
6th Jan – Thunderball
7th Jan – You Only Live twice

10th Jan – On Her Majesties Secret Service
11th Jan – Diamonds Are Forever
12th Jan – Live and let Die
13th Jan – Man with the Golden Gun
14th Jan – The Spy Who Loved Me
15th Jan – Moonraker

17th Jan – For Your Eyes Only
18th Jan – Octopussy
19th Jan – A View To A Kill
20th Jan – The Living Daylights
21st Jan – Licence to Kill

24th Jan – GoldenEye
25th Jan – Tomorrow Never Dies
26th Jan – The World is Not Enough
27th Jan – Die Another Day
28th Jan – Casino Royale
29th Jan – Quantum of Solace


  1. Marc said:

    You can sign me up for Goldfinger, License to Kill, Goldeneye and Casino Royale. Be glad to join in on this! Sweet idea!


    • Sweet – I’ve been trying to drum up some more participation but time’s creeping on. The more the merrier. Just remember to publish your posts on the right day and tag ’em all “James Bond January” so the world can watch everything unfold.



  2. I am interested, and I haven’t seen most of the old bond movies and have been looking for some long form articles to write, I like it!


  3. Yeah I’d probably grab “Dr. No” and “The Living Daylights”


  4. I would like to participate in James Bond January. Maybe I’ll do something about the Bond Girls.


  5. Klaus said:

    Hey Paul,
    Looks like an ambitious project. While m not a big Bond fan, I can contribute to a couple of the early films.


  6. Jason said:

    Happy to be a part of it! Can’t wait to see the results.


  7. Sarah said:

    I’d be interested in participating. Let me know if you’d like me to pick particular films; I’ve always had a soft spot for “You Only Live Twice” (sensual bathing! secret volcano lair!) and “Live and Let Die” (voodoo! alligators! Jane “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” Seymour!).


  8. joem18b said:

    so no “casino royale” (the first one) or “never say never”?


    • Neither are part of the genuine franchise but I will be reviewing both on the days when other Bond reviews aren’t being published.

      Hope you’ll be publishing a few reviews over the month.


  9. Hi Paul. I was just watching Goldfinger last night and I’ve seen a couple of the other Connery Bonds in the past month. Definitely interested in participating, though I might try to come up with an angle rather than a straight review.

    Great project to start 2011!


  10. Clara said:

    I’m interested too! I’d love to review (in my very primitive English) any of the Bond movies starring Sean Connery :)


    PS- I added a banner in my site promoting this blogathon :)


  11. Klaus said:

    I’m up for:

    3rd Jan – Dr No
    5th Jan – Goldfinger
    28th Jan – Casino Royale
    29th Jan – Quantum of Solace


  12. I’m in.

    Found your blogathon through Clara’s blog. She has an awesome button for your blogathon.

    I hope you have some of your own images in mind as well so that we can all be linked image wise as well as through tags.

    — Java


    • I was planning on just doing the David Niven “Casino Royale” in January–having already done the Barry Nelson and Peter Lorre some time ago–but this seems like the perfect way to force myself to re-watch the “official” version and try to find whatever it is that people like about the “reboot,” because it escaped me the first time. And I might as well finish the Connery Bonds with a “Dr. No” review and perhaps even throw in Roger Moore’s “Moonraker” and “excuse to finish the Connery Bonds by finally reviewing “Doctor No.”

      Great idea for a blogathon! I look forward to contributing, at the very least with “Casino Royale” reviews!


  13. Wow! Wish I could’ve got in on this. I look forward to reading all the reviews. I’m a big 007 geek and I’ve been thinking of going through the series on my blog.
    And I’m very jealous of that tape set you have in the picture. Want!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Please let me know if you kick off a review of the entire series. Love reading any JB film reviews.


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