I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK

I’m A Cyborg: offbeat buddy movie set in an asylum as two very, very memorable characters form an unlikely friendship. There’s an absolutely insane first part, with a ton of story unfolding, busy shots, hectic scenes, crazy and colourful sets; it all pumps you up and gets you excited. The leading lady absolutely steals the show with her portrayal of a girl who genuinely believes she’s a robot – and can talk to electrical appliances – however the main male (Rain, who hulked up for Ninja Assassin!!WTF!!) and Chan-wook behind the camera are both continually vying for your attention. Most of the script, puns and jokes translate in to English very well, which is uncommon and is a welcome kick in the teeth to the Asian symbolism and culture that doesn’t always export. The only real downer is that whereas the first 70 minutes absolutely fly by, the final 30 feel quite sluggish in comparison as the pace is deliberately throttled… there’s still some great scenes, but it definitely peaks too soon. It’s a great concept, crammed with yet more exciting filmmaking from Park Chan Wook, Almost like a quirkier modern day cuckoos nest, with robots and masks – and I’ll definitely be re-watching it again soon.

Score: 7.5/10


    I love this movie so. Thank you for reminding me.


  2. Andrew said:

    I had a really hard time connecting with this one. It’s a plot-driven movie that thinks it’s character driven and ends up feeling really, really lost and listless as it stumbles between its character moments and deploying plot. That said it’s a Park movie which means that even with all of its flaws it’s still more interesting than flawed movies by lesser directors.


    • Connecting!!! I see what you did there Andrew! :-p

      Kind of see where you’re coming from with the story/character drive, but for me it was purely character driven. And Rain/Su-jeong absolutely won me over. Did think the Dream sequence bits were a bit OTT, but they looked so damn great.


      • Andrew said:

        I actually really liked the dream sequences; they’re where the movie really came alive for me. I think for me the problem is that the movie has a definite place it wants to get to but it spends so much time allowing its characters to be quirky and fun without servicing the plot that it just feels flabby.


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