Let The Right One In

Let the right one in: totally, 100%, utterly underwhelming – the amount of buzz this film’s generated only makes it even disappointing. The story of the friendship between the two teenagers is pretty good, and their acting is absolutely superb, but that’s about the only memorable aspect of the entire film. Most people bang on about how beautiful it looks – it’s OK, but this isn’t really one of the best-looking or best-shot films world cinema has to offer. The story’s very slow and nothing much really happens for the most part – the first hour the film could have been named “Daily vampire errands”. The mundane-ness is reminiscent of Lukas Moodyson films, just not done as well. I couldn’t tell if the black comedy moments that broke the film up a bit were meant, or if it was jumpy / scary moments gone wrong… Overall it got more laughs than shocks, glossed over most of the risky material from the book (drugs, theft, pedophilia, prostitution) and is probably one of the most over hyped films I’ve seen. It was so wrapped up in Swedishness that I also spent the whole time waiting for a Lordi cameo. Definitely a love-hate film… and I hated it.

Score: 2/10

  1. Dan said:

    This is one of the first bad reviews I’ve read of the film. I really enjoyed. It was one of the best and most original horror movies I’ve seen in years.


  2. Castor said:

    I somewhat enjoyed this movie but it was not even remotely creepy or scary :(


  3. Stu said:

    Gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you, there, Bob! I’m with Danielle. This one is a fillet of the genre.


  4. Ouch! I have to say this was my favourite of 2009, i love that the whole thing can be read two ways, either as a sort of romance, or that the vampire is just using him so that he replaces the old guy from the start and collects blood for her.

    I thought Lordi were finnish…


  5. Shaft said:

    I agree with you here. I wouldn’t rate it as low as you, but it’s definitely overrated as hell. Personally, I thought it went nowhere – plots were vaguely hinted at (the boy’s father being homosexual, the “girl’s” history, including the castrated genitalia) and then dissolved into nothingness, then their relationship was – what? It didn’t really develop or something. Overall, it was a slow film about a boy and a vampire hanging out, and then it ended. So, yeah… pretty shitty.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Nice one! Good to know there’s a few more in our corner now. Totally agree on the unnecessary shunning away from any of the remotely interesting backstory or risque areas. Just left a boring, bland taste in my mouth.


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