Fermat’s Room

Fermat’s Room: A group of Spain’s greatest mathematical geniuses have to fight for their lives after being trapped in a slowly shrinking room, but is everyone there by chance? It’s really interesting watching the story unravel as the characters figure out why they’re there and what connects them all. This has a very cool premise, solid acting, good music, decent graphics, and a very clever (and tight) story. The only major disappointment is that it doesn’t properly milk all of the potential tension that could have come from the claustrophobic, crushing room. Like a high-brow Die Hard 3 / Saw concept, well worth hunting down, especially if you’re a maths whiz.

Score: 6.5/10

  1. Ooh, I like the look of this one. Queueing up forthwith! Thanks.


  2. I watched it tonight. Thanks a lot for putting me on to this, I really enjoyed it. The only real issue I had were that the puzzles were mostly famous ones, so didn’t need any working out.


  3. joem18b said:

    I’m afraid that Fermat, or even Martin Gardner, wouldn’t have been impressed by those puzzle chestnuts. I had hopes for the movie, and it was sort of fun, but those puzzles…


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