The Expendables

The Expendables: A band of gruff mercenaries feel up to the task of overthrowing a corrupt Latin-American dictator. First thing’s first: this film has the action cast to end all casts – while it’s not 100% perfect, you just don’t see this many huge names in a film these days. It’s hard to describe but seeing star after star after star is spectacle in itself. Then there’s the action, which is awesome – and although CGI heavy, it’s great fun watching henchmen get mauled by fists, blades, bullets, fire and grenades; watching anything and everything get blown up; watching all the standout musclemen fight each other; and watching set piece after set piece. Little else is particularly noteworthy, but little else matters in a film like this; the script’s terrible laughable, the plot is contrived beyond belief, the acting’s utterly forgettable (everyone’s on auto-pilot) and even the ‘hot chick’ was a bit of a dog. Essentially a B-movie with an A-star cast and massive budget, this isn’t a homage to 1980s blockbuster action films, this is a 1980s blockbuster action film. It’s also an action film for action fans, and it does the big scenes way better than anything else I’ve seen recently. I laughed, I cringed, and I shouted ‘Holy Shit’ (usually while clutching a limb that’d just been snapped on screen) about 20 times. What can I say? I’m a sucker for big names, big guns, big explosions and big set pieces. Roll on the Expendables 2!

Score: 8/10

  1. Heather said:

    I was watching Predator the other day and listened to Carl Weathers give Arnie the speech about being expendable, and then viewed the cast of guys including a pro wrestler. Sly definitely was giving his old buddies and likenesses a high five. It lacked on many levels, but it didn’t lack on entertaining or it’s promise of awesome fun action. It was worth the price of admission alone to have Arnie, Bruce, and Sly in a room together.


  2. Marc said:

    Unlike Piranha 3D, I sure wish I had know Sly was going the camp/B-Movie direction here. I was expecting Rambo 4 and what I got was a glorified TBS movie with poor acting and even worse dialog.

    The ending was non stop shoot-em-up and I loved the action throughout but call me a snob for expecting something better in the story department. But all the same, I’ll be right there with you for Expendables 2!!


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