Knowing: [unavoidable spoilers]: an astrophysicist receives a bit of paper that holds the key to every major disaster on earth. The number connection at the start feels like a high-brow Number 23, especially the drunken math-ster montage. The film’s surprisingly atmospheric and way more spooky than it looks. Ironically, and eerily, the movie also predicts a Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster, weird. Disaster-wise we have an epic plane crash and destruction sequences on a supreme scale. Cage is rather good in this. Everything’s going really well then from out of nowhere: ALIENS AND FLAMING WOODLAND ANIMALS!!WTF?!?! Just when the film’s almost bounced back from that the final 15 minutes is another gigantic slap in the face. Knowing is a great premise that worked surprisingly well and was heading towards a 7-8 score. Unfortunately, it was absolutely mauled by the ending.

Score: 4/10

  1. Dan said:

    Agreed about the ending…what a let down! I didn’t like the film – I thought it had an intersting premise and it kept me hooked for a while…but it just seemed to run down a dark alley with no way out. The plane crash is pretty impressive but special-effects alone can’t save this film.


  2. Erin said:

    That was more balanced than my opinion!! For me once I had watched the ending the rest of it was totally marred, but you’re right, for a while it was going to turn into something excellent and then really, really didn’t.


  3. Erin said:

    By the way I like your new blog style (not sure how long it’s been like this)




  5. Darren said:

    Yep, it was doing quite well until the “child stealing aliens” arrived. Seriously, with the bald heads and the costumes and such, they looked like a bunch of intergalactic pedophiles.


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