The Gumball Rally

The Gumball Rally: a bunch of rich and reckless motor enthusiasts race coast to coast, dodging the law and each other. The first thing I noticed about this was Gary Busey’s ridiculous face, even when he was a pup back in 1976. There’s some absolutely brilliant driving throughout – although it gets a bit ‘Whacky Races’ at times, with cars ploughing off the road and knocking everything over in hilarious fashion. An insane biker and a rabid bunch of Hell’s Angels are thrown into the mix; and given some insane stunts. The night-time scenes are sketchy and the bizarre ragtime / penny arcade soundtrack adds to the comedy. It’s essentially a classic American movie: men living the dream with their fast cars, loose women, cowboy hats, bags of cash and middle fingers up to the law – basically living the dream, man. Watchable and fun with some cracking race set-pieces. Carry On Racing!

Score: 6/10


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