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Scream: looking back, this film is totally bizarre. A horror movie about ‘teens’ being aware that they’re living out a stereotypical slasher scenario. Aimed at fans of the genre it’s full of clichés and a classic horror references; both explicitly and through visual homage. Although it’s very gory the humor and self-referencing irony ruins the potential scariness of the film. The high level of ‘borrowed’ content also detracts from how unique the concept of scream was. Ultimately, it became the phenomenon that kick-started a new wave of horror films (& parodies) and although it’s a bit self-indulgent, I take my hat off to Craven for continually pushing the envelope. It also left me wondering what ever happened to the perky Neve Campbell and Rose McGowan? An instant classic that’s entertaining, original, quotable and is ingrained in so many peoples brains all these years on. There’s word on Scream 4 coming out next year, better dig out your box set! Do you like scary movies?

Score 7/10


The Gumball Rally: a bunch of rich and reckless motor enthusiasts race coast to coast, dodging the law and each other. The first thing I noticed about this was Gary Busey’s ridiculous face, even when he was a pup back in 1976. There’s some absolutely brilliant driving throughout – although it gets a bit ‘Whacky Races’ at times, with cars ploughing off the road and knocking everything over in hilarious fashion. An insane biker and a rabid bunch of Hell’s Angels are thrown into the mix; and given some insane stunts. The night-time scenes are sketchy and the bizarre ragtime / penny arcade soundtrack adds to the comedy. It’s essentially a classic American movie: men living the dream with their fast cars, loose women, cowboy hats, bags of cash and middle fingers up to the law – basically living the dream, man. Watchable and fun with some cracking race set-pieces. Carry On Racing!

Score: 6/10