Tokyo Zombie

Tokyo Zombie: keeping Japan’s offbeat fascination with the undead ‘alive’, this black comedy is tagged as ‘Japan’s Shaun of the Dead’. Basically, it’s a movie of two halves; the first of which is pretty funny, dark, entertaining and has some top comedy violence. The second half is boring and full of poor drama, with the last 15 minutes perking up again. In true Japanese style weird, irrelevant and perverse subjects crop up throughout, and it’s got a similar look and feel to the ‘Happiness of the Katakuris’. There’s a few glimmers of good acting through the ridiculous scenes, a couple of great long takes, and a few awesome J-punk riffs in the soundtrack. Because it peeks too early I’d  check this out if you were in to your Japanese films already, but wouldn’t use this as an introduction to Asian cinema.

Score: 5.5/10

  1. Sounds awesome but why the low rating? I’ve been into Japanese movies ever since Audition and Takashi Miike. Will look into Tokyo Zombie, hope I won’t have a hard time finding a copy


  2. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    I picked it up for £5/$7.50 in a bargain store a while back – wouldn’t pay much more for it! Like the review says, first half of the film’s spot on but the second half (not dissimilar to Land of The Dead scenario) is pretty dire. Check out ‘Versus’ for a kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll zombie flick instead!


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