Red Sonia

Red Sonia: not the type of film you’re going to sit down and properly analyse, so here’s my favourite things about it.

  • Bunch of blondes with long swords (and longer pins)
  • 60 foot squatting stone Buddha, 30 foot stone bull, and other the massive props
  • Arnie’s RAGING cod-piece
  • Arnie’s RAGING growl at the kid
  • Everyone’s unnecessarily impractical fighting gear
  • Bunch of bad guys wearing jeans (in the middle-ages)
  • Agile mechanical dragon-serpent (in the middle-ages)
  • Brigette Nielsen’s outstanding pins – before she turned into a mess.
  • Everyone trying their hardest to see who can act the worst.

Overall I love how Arnie keeps appearing, and risking his life to save an incompetent ginger woman that hates all men!!! Would be brilliant after a few drinks. Utter cheese, but totally watchable.

Score: 6/10


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