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Nude Nuns with Big Buns: tasteless throwback nunsploitation revenge flick with a latino twist. The single best thing about this film is that the entire female wardrobe could have been packed in to a purse; this is proper bang-for-your-buck stuff – with so much tits and ass that birthday suits seem normal by the end! It’s also way more offensive than your standard b-movie with some genuinely filthy scenes like the gas station encounter and motel self-surgery – it feels like a proper old-fashioned video nasty but without the hype – and it’s actually nasty. Story-wise, it’s pretty standard for the genre – following a lesbian, drug-addicted nun-gone-wild, with plenty of bad habits(!!). Technically, it’s pretty solid for a low-budget b-movie, and the acting’s passable for a bunch of z-listers playing stock characters. With possibly the most honest title in cinema history, this is genuinely packed full of gratuitous nudity and violence; it’s also got the greatest dispatch of a main bad guy in any film. Although this definitely isn’t for everyone, Nude Nuns with Big Guns is an entertaining, formulaic Machete-esque revenge flick aimed at the proper fans of ‘blood and titties’; a solid B-movie

Score: 4/10

Public Enemies: Overall, this was pretty disappointing. They must have spent the entire budget on the costumes and props, which were all great, but cut every corner on the actual film-making: because it’s shot in HD it looked like it was filmed on cheap home-cameras, ‘shaky cam’ was used far too often, audio mix was terrible (quiet dialogue / deafening tommy-guns) and the editing seemed very rushed. Because of this I never really got into the film much. The main casting’s fairly standard and well acted – J. Depp being quirky and funny guy, C. Bale being law upholder – but it was good to see Herc and Judge Phelan from The Wire showing face. Only problem with the cast was that there were so many characters, who all looked the same, it got a bit much. Not much else to say really, walked out of the cinema unimpressed.

Score: 6/10