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Valentine’s Day: make-ups and break-ups are on the menu as a lot of famous people try to get lots of your bums on lots of seats. Genuinely, Ashton “Dude, where’s my talent?” Kutcher is so flat it’s like watching an inanimate object: a chair, a table, a wall – take your pick, they’d out-act him. It’s one of those lazy comedies that plays racial stereotypes for cheap comedy – including the classic ‘big black woman with an attitude’; obviously! For me, Queen Latifa is fast becoming my trusty hallmark for a shit film. The script must have been written by the Green Giant, it’s sooo corny (tedious, contrived and unrealistic dialogue) and the jokes are all poorly judged & timed. The only tolerable bits (limited to guys + lesbians) are Anne Hathaway in her scants, then talking on a phone-sex line!!! But it’s a PG sex-line though <SadFace>. Worse still, all of the best names – like Foxx – get the least time on screen, because they cost the most.

The Mrs and I braved an entire hour before we lost all faith in Hollywood, actors, integrity, humanity, the universe etc. Valentines day is cynical, insulting, money-grabbing and void of any entertainment. Whatever you do, do not watch this if you intend on some ‘adult sleeping’ afterwards, it will absolutely destroy your notions of love, and valentines day.

Alternative Plan: Early bed time.

The Blind Side: Rich white family take in a homeless black dude and fund his transformation into an American Football star. Biggest shock for me was Sandy’s Oscar. She was believable, but showed no range, coasting in her comfort zone – playing the perfect, morally righteous, confident soccer-mum – in saying that she seems to be getting hotter with age! Not doubting her talent but getting one over on Mirren & Streep… dubious.  Big Mike was convincing as the unobtrusive, good-natured, underdog. Can anyone tell me why is Kathy Bates always an inspirational Southerner?! For me, this fell under the ‘comedy’ branch more than anything else, focusing on the inspirational and feel-good stuff and shunning any saddening backstory. It would help to know a bit about the American College system and American Football going in to this. It’s  a good story, told quite well but is so All-American, almost to the point of stereotype: the good Christian mum, American Dream dad, prosperous children, poor ghetto boy, blockhead coach… It was on track for a 7 but just refused lay off with the nicey nice.

Score: 6.5/10