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Love Me If You Dare: Two children start a game that plays through both of their lives. As they grow up the game consumes them, eventually blurring the line between what’s playtime and genuine. Because of this the film is fully-stocked in the drama department, and it’s heightened even more by Cotillard and Canet‘s knockout performances & fantastic chemistry – especially as the game intensifies and the characters should become less likable. The film’s style slowly transforms from trippy and dream-like through to bleak and gritty, echoing the characters as they age from cute kids to jaded adults. The story and script are so poetic, stylish and quirky that it could only be French! A dozen versions of ‘La Vie En Rose’ dominate the soundtrack but it never gets boring – may have even subliminally got Marion Cotillard cast as Édith Piaf in her biographical film. The ending comes out of nowhere. and is quite bittersweet given the tone of the majority of the film, however the last few scenes leave a sweet taste in your mouth. Yes, they’re not role models and yes it gets silly at times but this is one of the most unforgettable romances I’ve ever seen. Definitely a Desert Island DVD.

Score: 7.5/10

Tell No One: French thriller about an innocent guy caught up in a bunch of murders. At over 2 hours long I thought the film would drag a bit but as the story twists and turns it’s fairly edge-of-your-seat cinema that keeps you watching – the biggest problem was that, by the end, the twist-o-rama gets pretty confusing. Another minor downside is the presence of so many similar-looking women that it’s all a bit confusing in the middle of the film. The acting’s superb, given that there are no French heavyweights in the cast and the overall look and feel are very realistic. Ultimately, a very good piece of cinema… should go down well with anyone that likes a good film.

Score: 8/10