Scenes on Your Stereo #1 – Party Down

New mini-feature about the great use of great songs to make a great scene even better.

Party Down Season 1 Adam Scott Ken Marino Lizzy Caplan Ryan Hansen Martin Starr Jane Lynch ennifer Coolidge Ken Jeong Kristen BellSong: “Wrong” by LA Glam Rockers TSAR.

Show: Party Down

Scene: a rich but unpopular girl has been thrown a huge party on a boat; none of the cool kids show up, but when this song goes on all of the misfits – including the Party Down staff – rock out on the dancefloor.

Why it’s awesome: the arc of the song is great – starts off slow and controlled and slowly builds up to a hyper-emotional, multi-layered rock frenzy. Few songs would have worked as well as this.

This scene was so uplifting that (thanks to Shazam!) I got that single; loved it so much that I got the Band.Girls.Money album; then TSAR’s first album too. Great band for those that like their rook loaded with catchy pop hooks.

Remember that awesomely catchy theme for the film Super? That was them too.


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