Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim: in 2013 the earth starts getting periodically attacked by huge monsters (Kauji – a term for Japanese monster movies), so humanity pulls together and builds equally massive robots (Jaegers) to fight back. This is a big, loud blockbuster in every sense: characters, sets, costumes, fights, monsters, robots, and plot are all turned up to 11 for the full +2 hours. Unfortunately, because the fights are so big and mostly at sea / underwater or at night, it’s pretty hard to know what one big thing is doing to the other big thing. As a lazy comparison, think Real Steel Vs Godzilla as a 3D computer game. Other than the dizzying fight-scenes, everything else looks fantastic, and there’s enough strands running alongside the generic monster-movie plot to keep you occupied. Not a bad film, but it definitely aims more at the eyes than the brain: a monster/mech movie made by a monster/mech fanboy.

Score: 6/10

  1. nasen75 said:

    I personally really enjoyed this film, but I can see where you’re coming from. Despite everything, it was the best movie I saw this summer, which probably says something about what a disappointing summer blockbuster season we had.


  2. I really liked it, and I’d also say it was the best one I saw this summer. Blockbusters are not something I enjoy, but Pacific Rim has surprised me, mainly because I expected it to be dumb and boring, and it was absolutely different from my expectations. How often are you actually surprised by a film? I can’t remember this happening to me for years.


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