Westworld: a luxury adult amusement park where holiday makers can relive the lawless Wild West for a thousand dollars a night; nothing can go wrong, and you can kill or get off with as many robots as you can! The concept is made more believable as it’s backed up with dozens of one-liners that explain the robots, the park, and answer the obvious “how does that work” questions. The three mains are all good, but Yul Brynner’s evil robot gunslinger stands out as being absolutely chilling: his mannerisms (particularly the slow, but efficient, walk) are unsettling as he malfunctions and chases down the lead – this is clearly the starting point for The Terminator. For an oldie, the film looks great, and is plenty stylish – hat’s off to the photographer and director. Storywise, it could have been a little better proportioned: 60 minute lead up, 5 minutes of destruction, 25 minutes of chasing… felt a little short-changed given the premise. Like all of the best Sci-Fi movies, at the heart of Westworld is a single, great idea, that just hasn’t aged a day, and if anything is more relevant to modern science – right down to the technical jargon. Even if robo-madness isn’t fully maximised, Westworld is a solid film made all the better with its creepy – prophetic – tone, and a retro / kitsch vibe.

Score: 7/10

Robot hookers… curvy!

  1. Great film man. Based on a novel by Michael Crichton I believe? Chrichton would later give us a similar story on the breakdown of Jurassic Park.


  2. Am I right in remembering that you’re in Aberdeen? If so, then I guess you saw this at The Belmont last week. I missed this one but saw Tron and Metropolis on Monday. I really wanted to see Westworld but couldn’t make it. Great review, I think this could be a LoveFilm addition.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Aberdeen indeed sir, but was actually at on DVD – just ultra coincidental timing I guess. Worth digging out again and checking out. Definitely one of the best sci-fi films I’ve seen lately.


  3. The punk band Oxymoron also did an album called Westworld that is pretty catchy stuff. I haven’t seen the film in years.


  4. Nice one! I hadn’t heard about this movie before but it definitely sounds interesting!


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