Obsessed: a married guy gets harassed by an increasingly obsessive woman until it gets out of hand… I’ve genuinely seen porno films with better acting, music, direction and even story. And no – I haven’t mixed this up with Fatal Attraction. Idris Elba lapsed in and out of good acting without warning. The crazy secretary (Ali Larter) was awful, but couldn’t really do much with her paper-thin character. Beyonce, meh, just there for the end really… and stick to singing love. Whether it was the budget of a massive case of ‘can’t be assed’ this looks & feels like a directorial debut – not someone that’s been behind the camera since 1995 (!) on projects such as Deadwood (!!), The Good Wife (!!!), The Sopranos (!!!!) and The Wire (!WTF!). Inexcusable acting, story and a spectacular f-up on the part of everyone’s agent. Tour De Fail.

Score: 1/10

  1. Darren said:

    I watched this on a flight back from the States. Or rather, tried to watch it. It was baaaad… and not even in a sort of exploitation-stylel fun way.


  2. Castor said:

    Saw this on Starz a few weeks ago. It starts ok but it unravels very quickly and stoops really low. Too bad, I kind of like Idris Elba.


  3. Haha. The only part I liked was the catfight in the end. The movie tried to be a more scandalicious version of “Fatal Attraction” but never really coming into its own, which was the most important thing.


  4. Agree with Franz. The catfight was awesome, but I can watch that on YouTube. No need to watch 100 awful minutes just for that.


  5. nasen75 said:

    I saw this movie multiples times because it easily falls in the category of being so bad that it’s good.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Multiple times… I’m so sorry


      • nasen75 said:

        Don’t be. It’s great watching it purely because I manage to find another dozen things wrong with it. A scene that comes to mind is when Ali Larter drugs Idris Elba to have her way with him. The funny part is when he’s stumbling on his way back to his hotel room, you see that HE is fuzzy, but everything else is crystal clear.


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