Coraline: didn’t really know what this was supposed to be about; escapism? nightmares? drug use? Visually, the film’s interesting – a mix of stop motion & CGI, and because the overall effect is quite Burton-esque goths and pseudo goths will worship this for years to come. Visual merits aside, everything else about this was terrible. Both the story that takes place and general premise are absolutely mental. It feels like a bunch of OK scenes forced together, rendering a potentially strong story disjointed, boring, pointless and ridiculous. Most of the voice acting is annoying, especially the eternally grating Dakota Fanning (Coraline the character and voice). Her dad looks like an Adrien Brodie caricature. The final product would appeal to such a narrow market; far too scary for young kids and too ridiculous / boring for adults – leaving a tiny slice of angsty teens. Personally, I’d stick to Mirrormask or the original Alice in Wonderland. Totally forgettable, but it did look good in HD

Score: 2/10

  1. Haven’t seen it and you’re the first person to essentially hate it. I’m loving your off the beaten path reviews today!


  2. I saw this movie in 3D. It was very creepy (buttons being substituted for eyes) and I agree that it can be too scary for younger children. However, I admired that it was different from most animated pictures out there. Not only did it feel fresh because it took risks, it appealed to me because I have a penchant for weird, f-ed up things.


  3. Brian said:

    I very rarely don’t finish a new movie but this one made the short list. Some of the most unlikable characters ever.


  4. Heather: Y’know what I’m like, just tell it like I see it – even if the rest of the world think it’s FAWESOME.

    Brian/CM: Amazing to know I’m not a stand-alone freak. Not that many negative reviews of this out there. Cheers guys.


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