Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist: 3 gay guys try to set up the ultimate band-nerd guy with the ultimate Indie Cindy, for double the awkwardness. Michael Cera plays himself again but to balance it up there’s loads of shots of Kat Denning‘s extraordinary, super-sized, super-bouncy, jiggly-and-beatuiful… lips. The first hour has a drunken side-story that Ke$ha seems to have based her career on, although it’s got the most rancid (toilet) gross out I can remember. Samberg & Burrell get blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos.  The film only just loses out to (500) Days of Summer on the quirk score leader board, no mean feat! There’s some good running gags (chewing gum/Taxi) and a few good scenes; the romantic moment where the camera follows the mic leads through to the studio is great. It’s enjoyable but totally vapid and inoffensive with a predictably boring N.Y. based indie/art rock soundtrack.

Score: 5/10

  1. Good little film… Dennings is hot… love the Ke$ha reference… hatre Ke$ha! :)


  2. mcarteratthemovies said:

    It’s no “Heathers” or “After Hours,” but I liked “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” just the same (read the book if you want the R story and not the tidied-up PG-13 version). Cera and Dennings work well together, although I hate that someone decided to make Dennings the “pretty ugly girl.” There is no universe in which she is not cuter than Alexis Dzienda.

    Could have lived without the Sisterhood of the Traveling Gum, though.


  3. Darren said:

    Must confess, never would have had you pegged as a lips man.


  4. I somehow missed the Samberg cameo. I definitely must have blinked.

    I’m hoping Michael Cera will team up with Clark Duke to do a film of the “Clark and Michael” series. If you haven’t seen it and want to get any idea of what it is like, have a look at the “Bad Neighbours” clip on Youtube :) Looking forward to watching Paper Hearts on DVD too – I quite like the Cera & Yi combination. Cera & Dennings – Not so much…

    Definitely an alright film, but not at all memorable. I had actually forgotten that I had watched it, until I read through your review!


  5. @Kai: Ke$ha’s not that bad… first 3 singles have been catchier than herpes!!!

    @MCarter: Yea, it’s definitely to teen-centric to go down as a great ‘one night stand’ movie. Wouldn’t say she was just pitched as uglier, but the underdog, genuine indie geek, unlike the other barbie girl. They did do a good job of toning her down though!

    @Rosin: Samberg was the hobo at the side of the church, got about 1/2 a line of dialogue. And yes, mediocre film = a mediocre score at Paragraph Film Reviews :p Will have to check out Paper Hearts, it’s on our satellite channels in the UK at the moment. I do think that the bird-faced Cera needs to break away from the typecast he’s had since Arrested Development (best TV after The Wire!!)


  6. I felt kind of like you. There was nothing special or particularly memorable about this flick. Over time I will completely forget about it. And Michael Cera is becomming more and more boring I feel.


  7. I liked the gays… Definitely would’ve loved to hang out with them for a night than Cera/Dennings.


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