Genius or Arse #2

Foightin Round The WorldRussel Crowe: First off, I reckon you’d be a fool to argue with this man’s on-screen talent as he’s one of the best actors of our times. Unfortunately it’s his off-screen capers that seem to get him such a bad rep. He’s been alleged to have terrorised, offended or punched the shit out of people in hotels, restaurants, bars, harbours… nowhere is safe! From hotel porters & security guards to pensioners… nobody is safe! My favourite Crowe-based rumour was him going in to a busy Canadian bar, slagging off Ice Hockey for being a ‘womans sport’ and calling the bar tender a ‘Gabby Old Trout’ (allegedly). He also underwhelmed the world of folk-rock with his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, although his fame is arguably the only reason anyone’s even heard of them. When sober he can be a charitable chap; rebuilding libraries, saving schools & rugby teams as well as gifting £1,000 to Cancer Research UK and film props to charities during the Robin Hood filming. Like every other man in the world, Crowe goes a bit feral when he’s shit-faced, maybe more so than most, but at least he never gets ‘Mel Gibson’ drunk…

Verdict: for me Crowe’s manly-man-Genius and I’d love to party with him. He definitely gets a disproportionately hard time for his bad-boy antics.

Maximus Genius or Cinderella Arse – You Decide!

  1. i think hes obviously a bit of an arse. but as you say he’s arguably the best actor of this generation.
    the man was great in The Insider and LA Confidential. he can be as arsey as he wants after those


  2. He’s obviously an arse off screen… though I think he’s mellowed a bit since becoming a father. Though, the man can fucking act, sir… I say GENIUS!!!
    Oh, and 30 Odd Foot of Grunts may not have wooed the world… but they wooed me, my friend!


  3. Erin said:

    I’m going to say arse because you are a good actor doesn’t mean you can go around being horrible to everyone. *gavel*

    However I thought he was really, really good in LA Confidential which I saw for the first time the other week.


  4. I don’t particularly like his acting, and he’s a bit of a dip. Arse.


  5. Castor said:

    I absolutely love Russell Crowe, dude could be an arse in real life but let’s face it, who gives a beep? All that should be taken into account is how good he is at his job, and IMO, he is one of the very best out there.


  6. if he were not such a prize arse would he be such an good actor? probably not but on the other hand The Insider and LA Confidential get further and further away each day,,, haven’t seen a film since the latter in which I thought he was anything special.


  7. He can be an arse all day. In fact he’s so good I don’t think there is anything he could do short of jumping on Oprahs couch that would make me think anything other than he’s a rugged dude from the Outback that happens to be one of the best actors of the last two decades.

    I just go with Nicole Kidman who says Australian men are very different than the rest of the men in the world.


  8. Olive said:

    Genius! I love to hate him, but at the end of the day, he can act!


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