Batman Begins

Batman Begins: (Blu Ray) Going to be controversial and say that this one bored the pants off of me. Because it’s a re-boot it’s laden with backstory and takes about 40 minutes before it gets going. Caine & Freeman are too safely cast and the so-called ‘jokes’ all fall flat, landing somewhere between ‘terrible’ and ‘was that supposed to be funny?’ For the positives it definitely makes batman cool and scary again – miles away from the campy original or souped up 90s movies. Gotham’s got a nice hint of Metropolis about it. The picture is very dark, so it doesn’t blow you away. On the other hand, the sound will as it dominates all speakers, especially the Bass – fans should get the BD. Overall it’s too long, quite boring and Wayne has no really cool enemies. It does tee-up the Dark Knight well though…

Score: 4.5/10

  1. I’m with you on this one. Honestly I didn’t love the two Nolan Batman movies…maybe its because I’m just not a fan of the character. Both movies were just way too long and dreary. Especially Dark Knight when I had thought it was going to end on one or two occasions…but nope it just chugged along. But at least Dark Knight had a more sinister and fascinating villain…that was more to watch.


    I’m a firm believer that this might be the greatest comic book movie ever made. But this is why we have our own sites I suppose… BTW… love the new look, brother!!!


  3. wow! youve changed things.. forever
    your site that is. well, maybe not forever
    i used to love Batman Begins, really love it, but i watched it recently and parts of it are pretty terrible


  4. Whoa, tough crowd! Talk about a polarised audience.

    I just thought this one was too much of a character study on BW and didn’t really tick all the boxes an action/comic film should (no matter how faithful it was to the source material :P). As I say, it’s great to know all about him for the Dark Knight but they really needed some more villains in Batman Begins.

    The Dark Knight debate’s for another day… tomorrow, to be exact.


  5. Castor said:

    Wow! I absolutely loved Batman Begins and I (obviously) disagree with your assessment. Anyways, to each his own, there isn’t really much I can say if you really disliked it.


  6. Aiden R said:

    So much hate…it makes me sad.

    Love the new layout though…it makes me very happy.


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