Michael McIntyre: Hello Wembley

Michael McIntyre – Hello Wembley: this generation’s king of observational comedy plays slew of gigs at a sold-out Wembley Arena, cue a gratuitous Christmas DVD stoking filler. The main problem here is because Wembley’s such a huge stadium it’s pretty much an atmosphere vacuum, severely lacking the intimacy of regular comedy venues; most of the shots are very wide and long-range, which makes the DVD feel the same. Despite this, McIntyre is on top form, and sticks to his tried and tested formula of describing universal truths about life and delivering them perfectly. Compared to his TV image and last release this one’s ruder and cruder, with loads of F-ing and Blinding. Definitely more of a cash-cow than a genuine release, but still worth a watch for comedy fans.

Score: 6/10


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