The Gingerdead Man

Gingerdead Man: a bunch of failures stay in a bakery, despite everyone getting mauled by a rabid gingerbread man. Really bad acting, even worse ‘funnies’. After 30mins of boring backstory I started skipping to the gore. The production was so bad I thought it was filmed in the 80’s (not 2005) and the music was terrible. Rubbish gore, absolutely no attempt at continuity, the most obvious and generic plot ever. Doesn’t deserve to be classed as a comedy or horror, let alone both. It was only about 55 mins long! When did Gary Busey decide to do films this bad? They could have made so much more out of this but it was totally beyond shit. What’s worse is that there’s been two sequels… seriously?! Totally undercooked rubbish.

Score: 2/10

  1. Never EVER expect anything more than rubbish from a movie with a title like “Gingerdead Man” (what was the tagline to this one?) I kinda wanna see it though. We need rubbish like this every once in a while ;p


  2. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Out of the oven and in to your HEART!!!

    Don’t know where you’re based but in the UK we get ‘Zone Horror’ to give us our fill of bad movies like these… which I love… but this one (pardon the pun) takes the biscuit!


    • Wow isn’t it the most interesting thing to know that the guy who created The Horror Channel had previously worked for the God channel. I’m based in Manila and we’d never get stuff like this on television but some of the local films and tv shows are trashy enough hehehe only half-kidding of course


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