Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point: drug-fuelled car delivery across America in an ol’ Ford, but unless you love films where it’s just about cars and chases… you probably won’t take much from this. If you like funky soul music from the early 70’s it would make the film even better! Hasn’t really dated well (‘nam, hippies and homophobia) and the plot’s very thin, as are the characters and dialogue. Some OK car stunts redeem it, but it’ll always be just a ‘cult’ film.

Score: 4/10

  1. klausrl said:

    Just wondering if you have actually seen this film? Might have helped if the editors had left in the scene where Kowalskies dead wife tells him that she can be with him on the beach tomorrow, but hey that’s editing. “ol’ Ford? More like a Dodge Challenger.
    Oh, and think “delayed stress syndrome” and late in the film, just a guy with nothing left to go on for.
    For those of you that don’t remember the 60s, be that from having not been born yet, or having been to high from 63 thru to 69 to remember anything, well it’s a good look back into that era, much like “Billy Jack”.


  2. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Hey klausrl, I did watch the entire film, but for a non-petrolhead that grew up in the 90’s it’s almost impossible to connect with it on any level because it’s so dated. As mentioned above, if you like cars and 70’s disco/funk you’d definitely enjoy the film more.



  3. klausrl said:

    To be fair, it was a very different world back then. The Vietnam war was in the final days, and many of us where less than happy with our government. Many of the films from that time featured an anti-hero, and reflected the hopelessness of those years.
    If I was 25 or so, and had not been through the 60, I might well not get the context. To be fair, they could have done a much better movie with the concept. There where editing, and writing errors that probably wouldn’t have made it to final cut today. But much like old radio theater, don’t listen for excellence, but rather to get a feel for the time.
    To many of us during those years, our cars where an escape from the day to day world, and while not correct,this is probably one of the reasons Vanishing Point has become something of a cult classic.
    Disclaimer: I did own a 70 Challenger, very similar to the ones in the movie, and it was a thrill to drive.
    Best to you.


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