Quantum of solace

Quantum of solace: Had its good and bad bits.

  • The story was fairly decent, but jumped around a lot.
  • The action scenes should have been amazing, but were so poorly edited that it was just disorientating.
  • Both bond girls were smoking, but never really got a proper entrance or scene.
  • The baddies were so shit it was unreal, the main guy was just a corrupt businessman and bent politicians are a fact of life!
  • No gadgets, except a shitty super-computer in M’s bathroom!

Overall it could (and should) have been brilliant but you get the feeling they’re trying to make it too realistic, especially with the lack of gadgets, cars, EVIL villains, and bikini-clad wimin’ everywhere. The writer’s seem to have forgotten than this is what made bond great.

Score: 6/10


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