Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo: having recently read that this film made it in to Time Magazine’s “100 greatest films of all-time” list (!) and held the record of biggest-selling DVD of all time (!!) I figured it’d be worth checking out. The film is technically outstanding: looks amazing & vibrant, animation is great, the surround-sound track is among the best I’ve heard and the research in to the ocean and ocean life shines through. Lots of good jokes throughout for both adults and kids. However, it’s not a very original story, has about 30 minor characters that you want to know more about, manages to downplay a family massacre, and dozens of cultural references / homages / stereotypes. Overall: I wouldn’t have put this in the 100 greatest films of all time myself, but it is a great film, very enjoyable – even if it’s not quite on par with Toy Story.

Score: 8/10


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