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Midnight In Paris [Unavoidable Spoilers]: Woody Allen brings us more misunderstood middle-class artisan-intellectuals with relationship trouble. The idea of the central MacGuffin of this film (travelling back in time and meeting historical figures) didn’t bother me much; but as someone who’s not very literary literate it all got a bit wanky pouring familiar name after familiar name on to the screen as if the audience would lap up the theatricality of it all. The only character I liked from the entire cast was Adrien ”Rhinoceros!!” Brody, everyone else just played pretty grotesque caricatures. Owen Wilson’s does his schlubby moping vagina act again, would love to see him try something different. As with any Allen film, there’s some nice tourism-friendly photography and vision from behind the camera, and a token trampy ragtime soundtrack to tart up the audio. For me, it’s just another stock Allen film – watchable and mildly entertaining – unless you majored in English, then it will undoubtedly be your film of the year.

Score: 6/10

The Darjeeling Limited: (with Hotel Chevalier). The fact that there’s a pointless short film before the main feature shows how needlessly up-it’s own arse this one is. Not a big change from any of his previous features with the usual themes, style, casting and characters; so if you like other Wes Anderson films you should love this. The whole film is pretty quirky and contains loads of pretentious symbolism / imagery, as well as the occasional cheesy line. The three brothers play well off each other, and although they’re relatively safely cast it’s entertaining to watch their spiritual journey. The soundtrack dominated a lot of the film, and was clearly put in to make the it exponentially cooler. The decent strong story saved this one from being another Life Aquatic…

Score: 7/10