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Heroic Duo: Anoher Hong-Kong cop film, but this time not so good. 1/2 psychological thriller (it’s about hypnotists) and half action film (every piece of Glass / Car / Minor Character gets fucked up). Last third of the film is pretty gash, and it’s so cheesy it goes way beyond believable.

Score: 6/10


One night in Mongcock: the film follows a rookie hitman in the most densely-populated area in the world (Mongcock). It’s a pretty good story, the police hunting a hitman, who’s hunting a triad gangbanger… so it’s pretty cat-and-mouse through the film. More drama than action though, with some awesome edge-of-your-seat suspense moments, and the typical dose of Asian symbolism and unethical policing chucked in for good measure! Decent enough film.

Score: 7/10