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Seven Pounds: (Blu Ray) can’t mention any aspect of the story without giving it away, but this is essentially ‘The Will Smith Experience’ as he plays a stern, distant and socially awkward man with a questionable past. This film stews for far too long, not revealing any of the story for the first hour, starts making sense at the 1:30 mark and the penny finally drops at 1:45. For me this is far too long to rely on a single revelation, and will leave some viewers feeling short-changed or completely zoned out. The 5.1 mix is faint but atmospheric although the picture’s pretty colourless and a lot of the shots are deliberately unclear so this isn’t worth getting on BD, unless you really like Will Smith’s hair. Because they get so little screen time the supporting cast feel like a bunch of necessary extras. Not a lot else to say really, underwhelming.

Score: 4/10


Ghost Rider: just no. I always wonder why established actors like Cage agree to such shite, over substantial roles, surely he doesn’t need the cash!?!? The whole concept is crap, even by ‘comic adaptation’ standards and the only redeeming feature is Eva Mendez. The CGI is ok, but a flaming skeleton walking around pointing at people like Hulk Hogan will always look ridiculous. Barely watchable.

Score: 2/10