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Rushmore: follows the ‘love triangle’ between a teacher, pupil and local businessman. While this put Anderson and Schwartzman on the map –  and re-ignited Murray’s career – they’re three guys that haven’t really drifted far from their comfort zone since: still, this is probably the best example of all three on form. The main problem I have with Anderson’s films is that they make weird things like stalking someone or a middle-aged man befriending a teenager seem normal, even cool. Like the rest of his films Rushmore is laden with mixed messages about father figures, retro music, humor, and quirky scenes / shots / dialogue (it’s impossible to describe any of his films without using ‘leftfield’, ‘offbeat’, ‘quirky’ et al). More so than his other features, Rushmore has been embraced by the indie crowd and pop culture – and enjoys a hardcore cult following. Personally, I think it’s good but not great. Pretty much the Napoleon Dynamite of the 90’s; you’ll either love, loathe or just not plain old not get it – I’m still in the later camp after several viewings. If you’re wanting to see any Anderson, Schwartzman or (modern) Murray film, best stick with this.

Score: 7/10


The Darjeeling Limited: (with Hotel Chevalier). The fact that there’s a pointless short film before the main feature shows how needlessly up-it’s own arse this one is. Not a big change from any of his previous features with the usual themes, style, casting and characters; so if you like other Wes Anderson films you should love this. The whole film is pretty quirky and contains loads of pretentious symbolism / imagery, as well as the occasional cheesy line. The three brothers play well off each other, and although they’re relatively safely cast it’s entertaining to watch their spiritual journey. The soundtrack dominated a lot of the film, and was clearly put in to make the it exponentially cooler. The decent strong story saved this one from being another Life Aquatic…

Score: 7/10