About me: I’m 20-something-year-old guy based in Aberdeen, Scotland that enjoys all types of movies, but have a particular soft spot for world cinema, action blockbusters and horror/B-Movies. I studied American and European film at university for 2 years and have seen more movies already than most people probably watch in a lifetime. Other interests are: I.T. (work), music, badminton, playing guitar, traveling and nights out.

About the site: the idea is to give readers short and concise film reviews, in the hope that I’ll unearth some films you wouldn’t have seen and save you from wasting time / money on the rubbish ones. Films are scored on a scale of 0-10 (5 being dead centre). All reviews are written within a couple of days of a film viewing and unless stated none are retrospective. Because short films are, well, short, I’ve gone for a simple rating or Watch or Ignore… pretty self-explanatory I hope!

Opinions, recommendations, suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

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  1. Aiden R said:

    Right on, man.


  2. elfenokster said:

    The idea is great! And you are going to do a really useful job! Thank you!!1


  3. Castor said:

    Really enjoy your site! What would be neat is to have more than 3 reviews on the front page so there is no need to go the archive only a few days after a post. Maybe 6 if possible?


  4. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Hey Castor, thanks for the input. Going to be overhaulin’ the look of the site for next year as it’s not ideal having such a small front page (despite how awesome it looks!!!)

    Thanks for reading.


  5. Nice site, good taste! Whereabouts are you from and have you ever worked in a cinema?


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Scottish born and bred, and although I’ve not worked in Cinema I’m working on that over the summer! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. I’m enjoying the site! Really nice design, too.


  7. Nice site, great idea to have shorter, more readable reviews. Loving your work.


  8. meeradarjiyr1 said:

    Here’s an awesome award from me http://meeradarjiyr1.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/epically-awesome-award-of-epic-awesomeness/


  9. serend1p1ty said:

    This is great! I definitely appreciate the short & sweet reviews and can’t wait to read more!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. I’m really impressed with your writing style and I love the idea of having such short, yet detailed reviews. Consider yourself followed! If you ever get the time, check out my blog too.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Thanks man!


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